Steroid Cafe

Steroid envisions to be a forerunner in fitness and holistic lifestyle.
We continue to be an industry leader in providing and promoting good health.

Wraps/ Sandwiches

“Unwrap a world of wholesome goodness with our nutrient-packed, wraps and sandwiches that redefine healthy indulgence.”

Roasted Sweet Potato And Halloumi Wrap

Tortilla bread with tahini sauce, sweet potato, halloumi, and mixed greens with our special side salad

595 Kcal, 86g Carbs, 33g Fat, 35g Pro


Egg White And Turkey Wrap

Tortilla bread, egg white, turkey ham, crumble feta, chili flakes with truffle-infused avocado with our special side salad

571 Kcal, 59g Carbs, 24g Fat, 43g Pro.


Chicken Taouk Wrap

Tortilla bread, garlic spread, grilled potato, parmesan, and jalapeno served with air fryer fried potato wedges.

582 Kcal, 59g Carbs, 24g Fat, 45g Pro


Wagyu Kebab Wrap

Wagyu beef kebab with homemade tahini sauce, bewaz, and jalapeno served with potato wedges

593 Kcal, 52g Carbs, 35g Fat, 65g Pro


Steroid Beef Burger

100% ground wagyu beef grilled with caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and pickled jalapenos served with crispy potato wedges

643 Kcal, 59g Carbs, 42g Fat, 57g Pro


Chicken Club Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast, fried egg, avocado, beef bacon, lettuce, and tomato, stacked on whole wheat toast and served with potato wedges

673 Kcal, 46g Carbs, 44g Fat, 58g Pro